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How to Increase Advertising ROI using Weather

ROI on Weather-Responsive Marketing

Although weather-driven marketing is still a leading edge concept, those forward-thinkingmarketers who have implemented it have achieved stellar results.

  • Pimms created a thermally activated paid social media campaign which amplified published content at key times. The campaign resulted in 5x sales ROI, acquired 15,000 new Pimms customers, and triggered 14% higher spend by people who saw the ad.


  • Costa and Stella Cidre placed weather-activated ads across Out of Home (OOH) digital signage. Phil Pick, marketing manager at Stella Artois UK, commented: “We identified OOH as the perfect channel to give us proximity both to stores and to the outdoor drinking occasions that our target consumers were organising. Using the weather as our ally had a positive impact on sales, with our temperature-activated campaign contributing to a sales volume increase over the campaign period.”


  • French fashion retailer La Redoute ran a weather-activated billboard campaign where the creative changed dynamically to match current weather conditions.
    Traffic to the company’s website rose by 34% and sales increased by 17% during the campaign.


  • Women’s swimwear retailer Bravissimo increased sales revenue by nearly 600% during the3-month weather-activated PPC campaign, compared with the same three-month period in 2011. There was an increase in the conversion rate of browsers to buyers of 103%


  • The design and branding studio Makewell confirmed that weather-responsive advertising drove ROI on campaigns: “In the case of online, you get more con- version. We have seen a higher level of conversions when weather is involved.”


  • Google is another company championing the use of weather-driven marketing. Speaking in January at an event intended to show how weather is an underused ad targeting source, Tom Jenen, Google’s head of marketplace development, said: “Get to understand your customer and their behaviour with weather. Weather is one of those things where you can show the usefulness of the product advertised.”