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Weather Unlocked is a forward thinking weather company with an executive board consisting of experts in the fields of technology, data science, meteorology, and business consulting.
WeatherTrigger is an API service, It lets you query past, current, and forecast weather data for worldwide locations and get a ‘yes’ or ‘no', response that can be used to trigger an action. Click here for more information about how WeatherTrigger works
WeatherTriggerTM is intended for the advertising & marketing industries, retail sector, software, app and web developers, and all weather sensitive organizations.
Weather Unlocked use cutting edge weather data modelled by Advanced Weather Applications Ltd – a leading provider of global weather information. The data is generated in real-time and is amongst the most accurate available. Many leading websites, mobile apps, TV channels and multinational corporations rely on this weather data.
Yes, there is a free plan of up to 500 calls/ day.
To run a query for a specific location you can use geolocation latitude/longitude coordinates or postal code/ Zip code.
Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time and this will be implemented straight away. You can also downgrade your plan at any time, but the downgrade won’t take effect until the beginning of the next calendar month.

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