Trigger Ads Based On Weather & Get More Sales

Easily create weather based rules for your AdWords, Facebook & Instagram Campaigns.
Get more clicks and more conversions.

Global Weather Targeting

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Target your audience based on their local weather

WeatherAds is a powerful weather targeting tool for AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram. It lets you trigger ads and adjust bidding logic based on any type of weather. Displays ads when conditions resonate with your product or service, and pause ads or decrease bidding when the weather is not conducive to clicks and sales. Drive sales, improve campaign effectiveness and save valuable ad dollars with WeatherAds.

Step 1 - Sync with AdWords & Facebook

Sync WeatherAds with your AdWords and Facebook accounts and import the campaigns you wish to weather target.

Step 2 – Select Your Targeting Conditions

Select your weather targeting conditions based on a single weather element or a combination of elements. Then pick an action such as a bid adjustment.

Step 3 - Make Your Campaign Live!

Activate your campaign, sit back and watch your conversion rates skyrocket as WeatherAds gets to work.

Customizable Weather Triggers

Choose from any one or a combination of weather types to create your own custom triggers.

Adjustable Bid Modifiers

Choose to increase or decrease your advertising bids, or pause a campaign entirely when your chosen weather conditions occur.

Sales Increase
Conversion Lift
Higher CTR

Real Time Visualization

Real-time campaign mapping shows where your weather targeted ads are being shown as soon as your campaign is live.

Multi-Platform Integrations

Weather Target across the world's biggest advertising platforms including AdWords, Facebook and Instagram, all from within a single dashboard.

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