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The Impact of Weather on Retail Sector in the UK

Weather has an enormous impact on the UK retail sector - it shapes consumer demand for particular products and services, determines the availability and cost of supply, and influences the channels and methods consumers use to make a purchase.

How Weather Affects Your Email Marketing Campaigns

For many businesses, email represents one of the most effective channels for generating sales. It is an important tool for nurturing new leads, as well as upselling and cross-selling to existing customers. However, there are numerous factors that can affect the success of your email campaign – the day and time of the send, the recipient’s device, and, believe it or not, the weather.

Weather and eCommerce: How Weather Impacts Retail Website Traffic and Online Sales

It has long been common knowledge amongst retailers that the weather has a pronounced effect on sales. Both seasonal changes, as well as daily and weekly fluctuations in weather shape demand for consumer goods. These fluctuations not only determine what’s being sold – but also the sales channel. For bricks and mortar retailers, fine weather promotes business – more people are out on the high street, which translates into elevated sales.

Bad Weather Triggers Social Media Engagement

The weather has been a go-to topic of conversation for centuries, a safety line in those situations where you fail to find anything in common with the person you are conversing, or simply as a means of breaking the ice to legitimise social interactions.

Weather, Like Facebook, Can Control Emotions – A Marketers Dream?

Recently Facebook has been criticised after publishing research results relating to an ‘experiment’ they had conducted. It just so happened the subjects of the study were 680,000 Facebook users who were ‘recruited’ without knowledge or consent.

How Weather Affects Consumer Behaviour and Purchase Decisions

Weather has the biggest influence on consumer behaviour after the economy, according to the British Retail Consortium. It affects consumers’ emotional state, drives their purchase decisions, and dictates how much they are willing to spend. The effects are far more pervasive than the obvious examples that spring to mind; ice cream selling on hot days, and umbrellas when it’s raining.