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About Us

Weather Unlocked is a forward thinking weather company with an executive board consisting of experts in the fields of technology, data science, meteorology, and business consulting.

Our mission is to create enterprise-grade weather based solutions for marketing, commerce, and other weather-sensitive industries.

Our flagship product, WeatherTrigger, is a platform-agnostic weather-targeting API for digital advertising platforms, eCommerce websites and other commercial applications.

WeatherTrigger enables actions to be triggered based on the weather – such as displaying an ad, activating a campaign, or automating a business operation. WeatherTrigger is platform-agnostic, highly accurate, and robust. The API offers complete global coverage of past, current, and forecast weather data.

Weather Unlocked also offers a suite of weather APIs for developers – including a global weather API, a ski resort weather API, and a marine weather API (coming soon).

We also provide an Advanced Weather Analytics Solution to measure the effect of weather on your business performance. We can quantify the impact of weather on marketing campaigns, product sales, or any other business KPI’s.

Our Advanced Weather Analytics, combined with our weather-targeting technology, provides a comprehensive solution for marketers and brands to harness the power of weather to maximize profits.