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WeatherTrigger is a powerful weather-targeting solution for your advertising/ marketing platform, eCommerce website, or business application.

Display customized ads or promotions, activate campaigns, or automate key business operations according to local weather events.

WeatherTrigger is platform agnostic, and is a perfect add-on to Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s), ad exchanges, marketing automation tools, Email marketing platforms (ESP’s), mobile marketing platforms, and even Digital out of home (DOOH) technologies.

WeatherTrigger is also the perfect tool for ecommerce websites to customize site content and promotions according to the visitor’s local weather conditions.  

WeatherTrigger is free to set-up and trial.

Key Features

  • Complete 360° Coverage past, current, and forecast weather for all
    global locations
  • Precision Targeting any weather element or combination of elements
    can be set as a trigger
  • Platform & Channel Agnostic
  • Fast and Accurate
  • FREE to integrate and test out

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