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WeatherTrigger for eCommerce Websites and Apps

WeatherTrigger enables your retail website or app to display customized weather-responsive content tailored to your audience’s local weather.

Show weather triggered promotions, discounts, and purchase suggestions by integrating WeatherTrigger into the backend of your eCommerce website.

WeatherTrigger works in real-time to ensure your promotions correspond with your customers environment – meaning better engagement, and more sales of your products.

  • Automatically change your online or in-app promotions as the weather changes. Get more clicks and more sales.
  • Anticipate and cater for weather-driven demand
  • Automate the sending of weather alerts to your subscribers via email, SMS or push notification, as a value added service, and to promote your latest deals and products.
  • Free to integrate and start using

Use Cases 


Weather-Driven Website Promotions:

Integrate WeatherTrigger into the back-end of your website to display hyper-contextual weather-driven promotions to your website visitors. 

A deal website integrates WeatherTrigger into their website adding a layer of intelligent audience segmentation based on local weather conditions. This enables them to customize their promotions based on real-time weather information specific to each individual user. For example, outdoor activities such as paintballing are advertised to users for whom the weekend forecast is warm and sunny. However, visitors in locations which are forecast lower temperatures combined with rainfall, are shown indoor activities such as spa treatments.


 Weather-Responsive SMS and Email Marketing:

Send weather activated pushes via email and SMS to your subscribers.

A Garden Centre boosts sales by incorporating WeatherTrigger into their email and SMS marketing strategy. When the temperature drops below freezing in any given location, an email and an SMS message are automatically sent to consumers within a 5 mile radius. They contain weather information and advice on caring for plants in cold weather.

These content marketing drip-feeds legitimise contact with customers and provide a vehicle to promote relevant products such as garden heaters for plants. When temperatures then increase, products such as sprinklers and lawnmowers are pushed. By adjusting their marketing to be weather-responsive, sales are significantly increased.


Anticipate Weather-Driven Demand

Use WeatherTrigger to manage your inventory or to aid with short-term logistical planning decisions.

A Supermarket chain discovers that when temperatures rise above 18C on a summer weekend, demand for burgers increases by 300% but demand for porridge falls by 25%. The supermarket chain use WeatherTrigger within their inventory management system to allocate the correct quantities of stock to each of its regional branches. This negates the risk of stock outs or bloated inventories ensuring supply of stock perfectly meets consumer demand - maximising profit.

Key Features

  • Complete 360° Coverage past, current, and forecast weather for all
    global locations
  • Precision Targeting any weather element or combination of elements
    can be set as a trigger
  • Platform & Channel Agnostic
  • Fast and Accurate
  • FREE to integrate and test out

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