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WeatherTrigger For Advertisers

WeatherTrigger is a weather-targeting layer for digital advertising applications. Integrate WeatherTrigger into your platform to target your audience by local weather conditions. Deliver hyper-contextual, weather-driven content to the right consumer at the right time - amplifying the relevance and impact of the marketing message.

WeatherTrigger is platform agnostic – and is ideal for Ad Exchanges, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) Marketing Automation Tools, Email marketing platforms (ESPs), mobile marketing applications, and Digital Out of Home technologies (DOOH). The service is free to integrate and to test out.

  • Maximise ad impact and deliver greater campaign ROI for your clients
  • Elevate engagement, conversions and brand recall
  • Stand out from competitors with a weather-targeting solution for your platform
  • Free to integrate and start using


Use Cases


Display Advertising - PPC

Integrate WeatherTrigger into your advertising platform to deliver weather-driven campaigns for your clients

A high-street retailer knows that demand for sunglasses surges when the temperature rises above 22 degrees C. Their digital marketing agency integrate WeatherTrigger into their proprietary PPC software and run a PPC campaign showing weather-specific ads for sunglasses only in those parts of the country where current temperatures are above 22C. Traffic to the retailer’s website spikes when ads are displayed and conversion rates soar.


Digital Video Advertising

Integrate WeatherTrigger into your digital video advertising platform as an additional layer for audience targeting. 

A video advertising platform add an extra layer of intelligent segmentation into their backend application by integrating WeatherTrigger. This allows them to not only target users based on demographic or geographic data but also based on real-time weather information. They use WeatherTrigger to show ads for weather-sensitive products in those areas where conditions are right for purchase.


Mobile Marketing

Enable your clients to deliver SMS & push campaigns promoting local deals activated by past, current or forecast weather conditions. 

A coffee chain knows that demand for Lattes goes up when it’s snowing, and wants to use this insight to gain a competitive advantage. They use a mobile marketing platform using WeatherTrigger - such as Brainstorm’s Dragon Platform – to send a push campaign promoting half priced coffees to all subscribers within a 200 metre radius of any of its branches – but only if it’s snowing. The SMS message reads “Feeling cold? - Come and get a ½ priced Latte.” Since the ad is timely and hyper-contextually, the coffee chain report record sales of coffee during snowy days.


Key Features

  • Complete 360° Coverage past, current, and forecast weather for all
    global locations
  • Precision Targeting any weather element or combination of elements
    can be set as a trigger
  • Platform & Channel Agnostic
  • Fast and Accurate
  • FREE to integrate and test out

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