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Local Weather API

Our Local Weather API enables developers to quickly and easily incorporate weather data into their website or app.

This Weather API for local towns and cities delivers current live weather data and comprehensive 3-hourly, 7-day forecast data for worldwide locations.

Our API is extremely simple to integrate and to query. The API delivers a comprehensive set of weather elements including temperature, precipitation type, precipitation amount, cloud cover, wind speed, gust speed, wind direction, humidity, and weather icon detail.

Our weather data is the most accurate possible and our robust delivery platform guarantees unsurpassed up-time – regardless of hits to our servers or number of calls you make. This ensures that you always receive your data when you need it most. 

Key Features

  • Current Weather
  • 7-Day Forecast Data
  • Global Coverage
  • Fast, Accurate, and Reliable
  • Fully Documented
  • Scalable - large discounts on bulk calls
  • 60000 calls/day FREE 

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