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WeatherTrigger for Business Applications

With WeatherTrigger your business can utilize the latest weather information to streamline operations and drive profits. Set up rule-based triggers for any weather condition to automate business decisions and operations based on local or global weather changes.

Use WeatherTrigger to anticipate localized spikes in demand for your product or service, and coordinate your output accordingly.

  • Effectively manage staffing and resource allocation to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Anticipate peaks and troughs in demand of your products or services and perfectly match supply to avoid under/overproduction.
  • Weatherproof your business to protect yourself from unexpected weather riskOptimize the allocation of staff and resources for weather sensitive operations– boosting output and minimizing waste.
  • Use weather driven promotions via web, email, and SMS to drive sales


Use Cases


Gas Supplier

A bottled gas supplier knows that demand for gas rises dramatically during periods of cold weather. They send out a weather triggered SMS and email campaign to customers in affected areas, stating that temperatures are due to fall sharply, and to stock up on bottled gas. Because the message is hyper-targeted, contextually relevant, and provides valuable content, it generates a massive lift in sales. 



When the temperature falls even by 1°C below a threshold, hospitals become flooded with weather related injuries (669,000 in the UK in Dec 2012). In order to effectively manage resources, Health Trusts allocate additional staff from Staff Bank to hospitals located in high risk areas. By integrating WeatherTrigger into their staff management platform, Health Trusts can more effectively manage staffing, based on intelligent forecast data. 


Smart Grids

WeatherTrigger offers smart grids a flexible solution for power-flow control management at the application level. It acts as a sensory layer within the control platform software, offering past, current, and future weather information as input parameters. By adapting your utility-scale power distribution solution to respond to the latest weather information, greater power-efficiency can be achieved. 

Key Features

  • Complete 360° Coverage past, current, and forecast weather for all
    global locations
  • Precision Targeting any weather element or combination of elements
    can be set as a trigger
  • Platform & Channel Agnostic
  • Fast and Accurate
  • FREE to integrate and test out

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