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How to Increase Advertising ROI using Weather


New devices and channels emerge every day to create a more connected and complexbrand-to-customer landscape. Because audience attention is at a premium, ads that are tailored to the individual and their environment perform better, delivering higher campaign ROI whilst improving brand experience for the consumer.

One of the most powerful and effective methods of personalising ads is throughweather-responsive marketing. Weather has been shown to fundamentally influence the consumer’s mind frame - both in what products they purchase and the amount they are willing to spend. By capitalising on changes in the weather through weather-activated promotions, marketers can greatly improve campaign results.

A weather-responsive marketing campaign is simple to set up. It is typically done by using a weather-targeting layer such as WeatherTrigger API, which integrates seamlessly into an existing marketing suite or ad platform. The WeatherTrigger™ API works across multiple marketing channels – online, mobile, social, email, digital streaming, and OOH digital displays.

Weather-targeted campaigns have been proven to deliver excellent results - multiplying conversions, magnifying brand awareness, and deepening consumer engagement with the brand.