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Weather Analytics For Retailers

Our Advanced Weather Analytics Service for retailers and eCommerce businesses measures the impact that weather has on all aspects of your business.

Weather is one of the main drivers of consumption habits and will determine what products sell, what devices shoppers use to make a purchase, and how much they are willing to spend.

We analyse how day-to-day weather conditions affect your KPI’s - such as product trend variance, traffic, conversions, and AOV.

We then provide you a report containing valuable actionable insights which you can apply to your paid, owned, and earned marketing activities – enabling you to optimize your multi-channel marketing approach to drive customer engagement and boost sales. 

  • Understand the effect of weather on your product sales across all your categories
  • Know when to upbid or downbid your ad campaigns and when to promote certain products
  • Understand what consumer brand touchpoints work best under what conditions
  • Free demo – We will run weather analytics on some of your data for free