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Weather Analytics For Marketing

Weather is one of the most important factors in affecting purchase behaviour and attitudes towards a marketing message. It determines what we buy, how much we are willing to spend, and what purchasing channels we use. On top of this weather directly affects our overall mood.

This makes weather data the perfect tool for contextual targeting. It is virtually the only real-time data-set available to marketers which provides an insight into a consumer’s mood, desires, and purchase intent at any given moment.

Our Advanced Weather Analytics Service measures the impact that different weather conditions have on your marketing campaigns and provides you with actionable insights for optimizing future campaign runs to achieve maximum results. Whether it’s PPC, mobile, SMS, Push, email, or DOOH – Give us some of your campaign data and we will perform a weather impact analysis on it.

  • Discover how weather impacts your advertising campaign performance
  • Identify optimum windows of opportunity to maximise ad impact and elevate sales
  • 360 degree coverage – test across any channel, across all global locations.
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