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Weather-Based Solutions for Advertisers, Retailers, and Developers

WeatherTrigger: Weather Targeting for Ad Tech

A platform-agnostic weather targeting solution for advertising technologies, marketing platforms, and retail websites. Display ads and trigger campaigns based on your audience’s past, current, and forecast weather. Easy, accurate and effective.

Weather Data: Global Weather APIs

Looking for accurate and reliable weather data? Our 'Local Weather API' provides accurate current observations and 7-day forecasts for worldwide locations and is free to start using. We also offer a Ski Resort Mountain Forecast API. All our API are clearly documented and easy to use.

WeatherAds: Instantly Weather Target AdWords, Facebook and Instagram Campaigns

WeatherAds is a powerful weather targeting solution for AdWords, Facebook and Instagram. It's simple and quick to set up for anyone - no need for any code. Modify bids, change creative or switch on or off ad display based on past, current or forecast weather. Drive sales, improve campaign effectiveness and save money.


Verity Jowett

Managing Editor of Skytext, BSkyB

" The service and support has consistently met the requirements of BSkyB. "

Dan Askew

Manager at Taskeasy, Lawn Care and Snow Removal Services

" Your WeatherAds product and service have both been unbelievably helpful! "

Matt Norbury

Managing Director, Instant Access Technologies

" This partnership has required a responsive and flexible attitude by Weather Unlocked in order for us to achieve our objectives. "

Micah Perzichilli

Founding Partner at Augurian | Paid Media

" By using the WeatherAds weather targeting tool our orders and revenue both increased by 44%. "


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