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The Complete Guide to Weather Based Marketing


By leveraging real time weather data, marketers can target consumers more effectively at the precise moment when they are most receptive to the marketing message. Marketers can also use weather data as an insight into the mood and attitude of an individual at any given moment.

Utilizing weather targeting to deliver timely and relevant messages, benefits all involved parties: Consumers receive more valuable and engaging information – which cuts through potential ad fatigue. For the media buyers there are fewer wasted impressions, as ads are only served when conditions are right for purchase - stretching their client’s advertising dollar further. For the brands, sales are elevated because the ads are precisely timed and perfectly pitched to deliver maximum returns. Weather targeting is a winwin for everyone.

Many brands are already using weather data in intelligent ways to legitimize communications and contextualize ads. They are reporting outstanding results - both in the form of galvanized sales and increased mindshare.

Of course, some products and services will benefit more than others from weather responsive marketing - not all are directly affected by weather. However, a staggering scope of products and services across a gamut of industries are weather-sensitive – and these will unquestionably see enhanced ad performance and elevated sales through leveraging weather targeting within their marketing approach.