All the features you need to weather target like a pro

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Global Weather Targeting

WeatherAds utilizes global weather data, meaning you can weather target audiences worldwide.

Run Unlimited Campaigns

There is no limit on the number of AdWords or Facebook campaigns you can weather target, from the Pro plan upwards.

Customizable Weather Triggers

WeatherAds gives you ultimate flexibility in creating custom weather triggers based on any type of weather.

Adjustable Bid Modifiers

Choose to increase/decrease bids, or display/ pause ads when your chosen weather conditions occur.

Easy to use Dashboard

WeatherAds does not require any IT expertise or coding knowledge. The intuitive dashboard is quick and easy to use. Create powerful weather responsive campaigns in seconds.

Access From any Device

WeatherAds is a hosted service which means there's no software to download or install. You can access it from any device.

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Drive Better Results From Your PPC Campaigns

Increase your Sales

Displaying ads when conditions are right for purchase will result in higher conversions, which means more sales!

Increase Ad Engagement

Increased ad engagement (clicks) will improve your ad’s Quality Score and Ad Rank. This will gradually drive down your cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-conversion.

Amplify Ad Impact

Showing ads that resonate with the viewer's context will significantly increase the effectiveness and impact of your ads.

Heighten Ad Recall

By showing weather-responsive ads at key times, your campaigns will cut through ad fatigue and be more memorable. Brand recall with improve.

Save Ad Dollars

Reduce wasted impressions and poor quality clicks. Save valuable ad dollars.

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