How to Target Global & Multinational Campaigns in WeatherAds

This guide will show you how to create multinational and global campaigns in AdWords for weather targeting in WeatherAds.

The AdWords API places a limit of 10,000 cities per campaign, meaning that integrated platforms such as WeatherAds only work for campaigns covering 10,000 cities or less.

Unfortunately this means that if you create, for example, a single global campaign, you will not be able to weather target it using WeatherAds. Instead you will have to break your global campaign into 2-3 smaller campaigns. This guide will outline how to do this.


1. Having geotargeting enabled within your AdWords campaign is essential for WeatherAds to work, because weather targeting cannot be done without some geo input. The image below shows the default setting. This must be changed to include at least 1 location (country/ city/ region, postal code etc)

For more information on setting up geo targeting for your AdWords campaign please see the article: ‘How To Set Up A Campaign In AdWords’

2. If you plan on running a global campaign, or one that covers a number of larger countries in AdWords, the best method is to create 2-3 smaller campaigns, splitting them up evenly to contain less than 10,000 cities per campaign.


3. Use the table below to calculate how many cities Google recognizes per country. Then add each country individually to be geotargeted for your campaign, until you get close to 10,000.


Argentina 168
Australia 133
Austria 453
Belgium 368
Brazil 1130
Bulgaria 77
Canada 919
Chile 43
China 326
Colombia 206
Croatia 25
Czech Republic 386
Denmark 266
Estonia 10
Finland 6
France 1758
Germany 1869
Greece 11
Hungary 275
India 211
Indonesia 75
Ireland 54
Israel 48
Italy 1175
Japan 831
South Korea 164
Latvia 10
Lithuania 10
Malaysia 126
Mexico 409
Morocco 58
Netherlands 956
New Zealand 52
Nigeria 228
Norway 207
Pakistan 30
Philippines 50
Poland 605
Portugal 83
Romania 103
Russia 351
Saudi Arabia 22
Slovakia 10
Vietnam 40
Slovenia 10
South Africa 180
Spain 436
Sweden 138
Switzerland 617
Thailand 3
United Arab Emirates 9
Turkey 238
Ukraine 399
Egypt 36
United Kingdom 979
United States 3098 (Counties)

4. Create a new campaign and add the remaining countries in.



When targeting the USA, WeatherAds automatically defaults to targeting at a county level rather than at a city level. This is because the amount of cities in the USA exceeds 10,000 (16,325). To make it easier for marketers to create nation-wide campaigns WeatherAds targets by counties. In most cases this does not compromise the accuracy of the weather targeting because most of the points of weather information are located in the mostly densely populated areas (major cities) within each county. Therefore you are still effectively targeting at the city level in most cases.

If you wish to create a hyper- targeted campaign for the USA, using city-level weather data, then simply list all the US states that you want to target using the geo-targeting feature in AdWords.

WeatherAds will then revert to using city based weather data, providing your campaign covers less than 10,000 cities. If the total number of cities in your campaign exceeds 10,000, you will need to split the states up between 2 or more separate campaigns. Please reference the table below to understand the total number of cities for each US state:

Alaska 55
Alabama 244
Arkansas 214
Arizona 162
California 909
Colorado 253
Connecticut 164
District of Columbia 1
Delaware 56
Florida 506
Georgia 348
Hawaii 69
Iowa 498
Idaho 129
Illinois 765
Indiana 416
Kansas 300
Kentucky 251
Louisiana 189
Massachusetts 325
Maryland 305
Maine 296
Michigan 601
Minnesota 526
Missouri 559
Mississippi 157
Montana 137
North Carolina 427
North Dakota 202
Nebraska 207
New Hampshire 165
New Jersey 482
New Mexico 120
Nevada 65
New York 873
Ohio 666
Oklahoma 280
Oregon 236
Pennsylvania 928
Rhode Island 39
South Carolina 221
South Dakota 213
Tennessee 269
Texas 801
Utah 142
Virginia 368
Vermont 122
Washington 352
Wisconsin 491
West Virginia 154
Wyoming 66