How to Create a Weather Targeting Filter

In this tutorial we’ll show you step by step how to create a weather targeting filter in WeatherAds. You will learn how to create weather targeting rules, modify your bids, and make your campaign live.

Step 1:

If you have not already done so, click on ‘import campaigns’ button on the left hand side panel to import your campaigns from AdWords.

Step 2:

Select the campaigns you wish to weather target, and click import.

Step 3:

Once you have imported your campaigns, they will appear in the side panel on the left. Now click on the campaign you wish to weather target.

Step 4:

Create a name for your Filter by clicking on the Filter Tab and typing a name. Press enter.

Step 5:

First select the type of weather condition you wish to weather target, by clicking on one of the weather icons. For this guide I’m going to select temperature.

Step 6:

Now we need to pick a timeframe – you can target based on past weather up to 7 days back, current weather, or forecast weather up to 7 days ahead.

I’m going to pick current weather. This means I am targeting based on what the weather is doing in real time, rather than what it has been doing or what it is going to do.

Step 7:

Next select a qualifier, and an amount.

For this example I’m going to select ‘is equal to or greater than’ 20 degrees Celsius.

Step 8:

If you want to target based on a combination of weather elements, you can do this by selecting another condition and following steps 4 – 6.

Note: Use the’ and/ or’ selector which appears after you have selected a second condition to pick whether you want to target based on all of those conditions together or any one of them.

Example: if I wanted over 20 degrees and sunny, I would select the Sun condition, leaving the selector on the ‘and’.

Step 9:

Now you need to select your bid modifier.

This controls how much your bid is modified by when your chosen conditions are met. It is described as a percentage of the default bid you have set in AdWords.

Example: I am going to increase my bid by 50% when my chosen conditions are met, that is, when it is over 20 degrees and it is sunny.

This means, that when it is over 20C and sunny, my bids will be increased by an extra 50% of my default bid. (if my default bid was $1.00, then my bids will be increased to $1.50 in those regions where it is over 20C and sunny.

Step 10:

The last thing left to do is to select what you want to happen when your chosen conditions are not met. Your ads can either be shown at the default bid, or not shown at all.

NOTE: It may be that you don’t want to modify your bid at all, and instead you simply want to activate your ads at your default bid when your chosen conditions occur, and pause them the rest of the time.

In this case, simply select 0% in the bid modifier, and click “don’t show ads” when conditions are not met

Step 11:

Now that you have created your weather targeting filter, click ‘apply’ to make it live. It takes a few moments for the settings to update in AdWords.

Step 12:

You will now be taken to the Preview Screen. This will show a map of all the areas you are targeting your campaign, with the modified bid information for each location.

Below that you will see a summary of your targeting criteria

NOTE: Please ensure your campaign is live in AdWords. If your campaign is not active in AdWords then your weather targeting will not work.

NOTE: You will see that the campaign has now been switched on In the right hand panel. This indicates that your weather targeting filters are live for that campaign.