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The Complete Guide to Weather Based Marketing

Weather Triggered Marketing

For brands and agencies, weather data is a powerful tool to legitimize communications and contextualize ads. This is being recognized across the entire digital advertising ecosystem – with a number of advertising technologies rolling out weather targeting capabilities as part of their offering.

A weather targeting capability can be added to an advertising technology or marketing platform through the integration of a robust 3rd party API such as WeatherTrigger API.

WeatherTrigger API seamlessly integrates into an Ad Exchange, Demand Side Platform (DSP), Marketing Automation technology, Email Marketing Platform (ESP), or mobile marketing application to equip it with a powerful weather targeting capacity.

Likewise, WeatherTrigger API can be utilized by an e-Commerce portal, deal website, or a real-time website optimization tool to sync promotions and offers with local weather events.

Listed below are just a few examples of weather-triggered campaigns that have produced considerable performance uplift.

  • Stella Cidre reported 65.6% increase in YOY sales during the period they ran their weather-responsive DOOH campaign.


  • Molson Coors increased CTR by 89% via their weather-triggered ad campaign on social media.


  • Neutrogena Beach Defence Sunscreen used in-app ads which were activated by sun and UV levels, increasing purchase intent by 43% and product awareness from zero to 63%.


  • Fashion retailer La Redoute saw 34% traffic uplift and 17% sales increase generated by a weather-triggered DOOH signage campaign.


  • Bravissimo’s weather-triggered PPC ad campaign increased PPC-driven sales revenue for their swimwear range by nearly 600% during the 3- month campaign. Conversion rate of browsers to buyers increased by 103%.


  • Burton menswear used weather-activated dynamic website promotions to generate11.6% uplift in conversions.


  • Pure360 reported 500% increase in email open rates for campaigns relating to domestic holidays during good weather. Click through rate rose from 12% to 27%.


  • Pantene’s weather targeted display ads produced a 28% sales increase as well as600,000+ social impressions.


  • Liptons ran a weather-sensitive campaign across Facebook mobile. They reached 6.9 million people, and achieved a spectacular 12.8% video view rate - which equated to just £0.06 cost per view.