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The Complete Guide to Weather Based Marketing

Weather-Based Marketing Strategies

When devising a weather-responsive campaign, there are three main strategies to consider. All three embrace the fact the weather experienced by consumers is a key determining factor in their receptiveness to an advert, willingness to act, and motivation to purchase.

Targeting by Weather Signal

Using past, current or forecast weather signals to activate a creative. The consumer is typically unaware that weather is being used for targeting.

Example - displaying an ad for a cold drink when temperature reaches above a certain threshold.

weather triggered out of home billboard

  • This digital OOH advert for Stella Cidre appears only when temperatures rise by 2° C above the national average, and there is no rain.

Targeting by Signal + Contextualizing

Targeting based on past, current, or forecast weather signals and aligning the marketing message with the weather conditions to show appreciation of context and encourage the desired response.

Example - “It’s cold, grab a coffee”, or “Miserable isn't it? Imagine your perfect holiday, Book it now!”

weather triggered email marketing

  • Starbucks send weather-triggered email promos which reference current weather conditions in the messaging.

Targeting by Signal + Value Adding

This approach provides a reason for the communication along with dynamic, customized creative displaying value-added content. The content justifies the consumer's need for the product or service.

Example - “It’s going to be wet, buy that raincoat now!” + [customized forecast]

weather responsive email marketing

  • Timberland send email promos for the weatherproof range triggered by a 3- day forecast for heavy rain. They display a personalized forecast along with product suggestions.